The Laurel Pregnancy Center: proudly serving our community since 1987.

No matter what your situation, we are here for you.

A woman with an unplanned pregnancy has a lot on her mind—her relationships, her finances, her future. She doesn’t need pat answers or naïve advice, she needs solutions that fit her reality.

That’s why the Laurel Pregnancy Center first opened its doors to our community in 1987, and it’s why we’re still here today. Our goal is to give everyone facing the prospect of an unplanned pregnancy (and all the questions that come with it) a trustworthy source for the information, resources, and support they need.

But the scope of our services reaches even further. We also minister to those for whom the pregnancy is past, but the pain of an abortion decision lingers. We equip men to better understand the incredible value of their involvement, both during and after the pregnancy. And we strive to educate those who can be spared future regret by empowering them to make smart sexual choices today.

Call us today for a free appointment! You can call us at 301.776.9996 or send us a message for more information using the confidential contact form below. We hope to hear from you!

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Percent of clients who strongly agreed that they could speak openly about their situation and that they were heard.


Percent of clients who strongly agreed that the information we provided helped clarify their choices.


Percent of clients who strongly agreed that they were treated with respect and kindness.

Source: 2014 client feedback surveys.

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